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Supporters, Others Working to Defend Families

Alexander House.   Greg and Julie Alexander
Offers a renewed sense of hope and purpose for troubled couples. 13 part audio series

Americans for Divorce Reform. Colleen Fannin Arnold and John Crouch
Tells the public, lawmakers and the media what's wrong with divorce. Helps people get involved in state level efforts to pass divorce reform laws.

Coalition for Marriage, Family and Couples Education, LLC Director, Diane Sollee
National Conference Marriage Education

Covenant Keepers, Inc.   Ministers to Dedicated Spouse
is a marriage restoration ministry. If you are looking for help for your marital problems, but don't have the cooperation of your mate, we are here to help you. You may still be together, separated or already divorced. Support is available through: Covenant Groups, newsletters, tapes and books, conferences and prayer support.

Heritage Foundation Patrick Fagan
Mounting evidence in social science journals demonstrates that the devastating physical, emotional, and financial effects that divorce is having on these children will last well into adulthood and affect future generations. (more)

Hosea's Cry   Ministers to Dedicated Spouse
Divorce and Remarriage is nothing but a scheme of Satan's to destroy the image of God to us and our children, and far too many Christians have fallen for Satan's lie!

Howard Center for Family, Religion and Society,   President, Dr. Allan Carlson PhD
We affirm that the natural human family is established by the Creator and essential to good society. ... Associated with this challenge are the problems of divorce, devaluation of parenting, declining family time, morally relativistic public education, confusions over sexual identity, promiscuity, sexually transmitted diseases, abortion, poverty   article   

Institute for American Values   Elizabeth Marquardt
What Next for the Marriage Movement?  We come together at a time of crisis and opportunity to declare our intention to lead a marriage renaissance in the United States.  Since our first statement of principles in 2000, the marriage movement has learned much and grown stronger. Now, four years later, we see new opportunities and emerging ...   zenit story   Intverview on public radio

Institute for Marital Healing   Dr. Richard Fitzgibbons
Webinar: Divorce - Origins, Damage Prevention, and New Responses  From home page, find all Marital Online Videos and Webinars. The mission of the Institute for Marital Healing is to strengthen Catholic marriages and families by educating spouses, marital therapists and clergy about common causes of conflicts in marital self-giving and effective approaches to alleviating such conflicts.

Kris + Cross   Ministers to Dedicated Spouse
For women experiencing infidelity, who are separated (or civily divorced) and know they are still truely married and plan on remaining faithful.

Marriage Savers   Mike McManus Ministers to Dedicated Spouse
To Those Threatened by Divorce. (Reconciling God's way $27) Where there has been a separation, or a separation is not far off. The person left behind can take a course called "Reconciling God's Way."

Marriage and Family Recovery Programs   Mary Meade
We want to encourage our varied and diverse clients not to fear conflict; rather, conflict can become the catalyst for amazing growth and life changes. In the unity of body and soul, and through the miracle of faith and reason, you can begin to find the happiness, serenity and stability that you seek

Michael Reagan
His father, Governer Ronald Reagan began the No-Fault Divorce tragedy in California.  In Michael Regan's new book, Twice Adopted ©Oct. 2004, he explains how "Dad later said that he regretted signing the no-fault divorce bill and that he believed it was on of the worst mistakes he ever made in office."

Reconciling God's Way    Ministers to Dedicated Spouse
Reconciling God's Way is a ministry that provides hope, direction, and encouragement for couples in crisis along with providing the church tools to come alongside them!

Restoration of the Family
We are a faith-based, donor-supported ministry ... Our founder, Mrs. Judith A. Brumbaugh, established our ministry in 1993. The focus of our worldwide ministry is twofold: 1. Restoring and preserving the family by teaching what God has designed in the Marriage Covenant as recorded in the Bible and exposing the myths, pain, and sin of divorce. ...

A Lifeline for Married Couples. A Program to Help Couples Heal and Renew their own Marriage Relationship.

Rejoice Marriage Ministries   Ministers to Dedicated Spouse
A ministry to abandondend spouses. Offers newsletter, bible study, audio recordings, and books.  Abandoning spouses and Prodigal Sons do come home.  A pledge for someone standing for the healing of thier marriage is listed on the ministry's   homepage  .

Save My Marriage .com   Ministers to Dedicated Spouse
Help and restoration for troubled marriages and those in affairs.  Typically couples attend the seminar who suffer from the following issues: Infidelity, Lack of Trust,  Constant Bickering,  Disagreements Over Money,  Neglect,  Silent Treatmeants,  and Boredom/Lack of Passion.

Stolen Vows Author, Judy Parejko
The Illusion of No-Fault Divorce and The Rise of the American Divorce Industry. Designed by those who would benefit most, no-fault divorce laws were rolled out across the country over thirty years ago. Wedding day promises lost all meaning when the newly-coined standard - Irretrievable Breakdown - replaced former 'grounds' for divorce.

Three to Get Married   ... by Fulton J. Sheen, Ph.D., D.D. Copyright, 1951

The Third Option   ... an on-going group program to build better marriages. Some of our couples come for enrichment--even though they are doing well, they want to learn more. Others come for support and assistance because they are struggling

What God has Joined Together author Sociologist, Robert Vasoli  
Former University of Notre Dame professor. The Annulment Crisis in American Catholicism. ©1998 Oxford University Press (See review)

Wheat, Ed. How to Save Your Marriage Alone.    Ministers to Dedicated Spouse
This best-selling book may be small, but it's potent medicine for your marriage. Family physician, biblical counselor, ... In How to Save Your Marriage Alone, his understanding and candid advice--based squarely on concepts from the Bible--can transform a marriage even when only one of the partners learns the principles of building love and applies them consistently.

Witherspoon Institute, Princeton NJ,
announces "the publication of our first book, The Meaning of Marriage: Family, State, Market and Morals," [about book]"  edited by two of our senior fellows - Robert P. George and Jean Bethke Elshtain." And "more than 50 distinguished scholars issue landmark principles on the importance of marriage and the public good." see news story

Articles of Interest

Fighting divorce could save government billions: divorce-reform advocates  August 18, 2011. Lifesite News, re. Bradford Wilcox, University of Virginia
The government could save literally billions simply by taking modest steps to fight rampant divorce, according to prominent divorce-reform advocates. Divorce "places real burdens on children, adults, and the state," points out W. Bradford Wilcox, the University of Virginia National Marriage Project director.....

'These Boots are Made for Walking': Why Most Divorce Filers are WomenMargaret F. Brinig, Notre Dame Law School; and Douglas W. Allen, Simon Fraser University, American Law and Economics Review, Vol. 2, pp. 126-169, 2000
Abstract: Because of the financial and social hardship faced after divorce, most people assume that generally husbands have instigated divorce since the introduction of no-fault divorce. Yet women file for divorce and are often the instigators of separation, despite a deep attachment to their children and the evidence that many divorces harm children. Furthermore, divorced women in large numbers reveal that they are happier than they were while married. .....

The Effects of Divorce on Children December 2009 Homiletic & Pastoral Review
Until 1969 the permanence of marriage was supported not only by the Church, which has consistently forbidden divorce and remarriage, but also by legal and cultural mores. It was only after 1969, when so-called "no-fault divorce" was legalized in California (and spread rapidly to other states) that a seismic revolution was unleashed .....
Bill Wood Connecting Communism to No-Fault Divorce House Committee on Ways and Means, Charlotte, North Carolina
Political leaders, religious leaders, conservatives, families (especially fathers), judges, and interested lawyers, along with the vast majority of Americans who believe in ideals of family and country must understand that open WAR HAS BEEN DECLARED ON THEM AND THIS COUNRY ....
Uniform Marriage and Divorce Act Historical Uncovering
In 1965, a little-known organization called the Uniform Law Commission announced a new project to draft a 'uniform' marriage and divorce law that would be a 'model' for the states to enact. The 'Commission' is a spin off of the American Bar Association and serves as their 'drafting arm' to write 'model' laws for state legislatures to enact. Made up of lawyers from each state who are appointed by their governors, the Commission meets every summer ....

Catholics and Divorce Homiletic and Pastoral Review. April 2007
The Chelseas of the world cry themselves to sleep at night knowing that Dad loves his new wife more than the little girl who is growing up without him. The following essay titled "Seeing Dad" was presented in all the English classes in a public middle school in February 2006 by a seventh grader named Chelsea. The assignment was a personal narrative. The English teacher had told her students to write on something that they feel passionate about. ....
Catholic Priests Participate in Civil Ceremonies? Homiletic and Pastoral Review. Aug/Sep 2006
I suppose all Catholics would agree that it would be totally inappropriate for a Catholic priest presiding over a wedding to conclude the ceremony by saying: "You have just entered into one of the most important of all human relationships -- but I would caution you not to think of it as being necessarily a permanent relationship. ...

Free Forty Million Americans: Privatize Marriage 3/31/2006 Stephen Safranek
Professor of Law at the Ave Maria School of Law and founder of, a public interest organization devoted to ensuring that the state cannot treat all marriages as "no-fault."... The current chaos surrounding marriage cannot be resolved by more state action. ... One of the most important and beneficial ways marriage reform can occur is to allow individuals to choose their own private marriage contract ...

No-Fault Divorce Procedures Destroy Families Catholic Exchange. 1/20/05
How the Catholic Church Can Stand up and Speak out.  For over thirty years, the Catholic Church in America has appeared mysteriously silent while millions of children and dedicated spouses have had their sacramental union, marital vows and right to an intact family destroyed by the immoral civil procedure of no-fault divorce.

What God Hath Joined Together... Movie Guide 8/30/06 Stephen Baskerville
The advent of "no-fault" divorce has given rise to a system that strips fathers of their children, accelerates the breakdown of families, and makes a mockery of the marital contract. also in Assist News Service, Good News Daily, Le Journal Chretien, Catholic World Report

The No Blame Game Crisis Magazine 3/9/05 Stephen Baskerville
Why No-Fault Divorce is Our Most Dangerous Social Experiment. Family integrity will be secure only when families are depoliticized and when the church, not the state, is both the first recourse at the advent of conflict and the family's principal guarantor against state encroachment. Our present predicament results partly because churches (with only the partial exception of the Catholic Church) abdicated these roles.

Threats to the Family 4/2/2006 Fr. Michael Hull for The Congregation for Clergy
(International videoconference) ... Perhaps the two gravest threats to the family are divorce and artificial birth control. The former destroys the family by tearing it asunder; the latter frustrates natural expansion of the family and the human community. ...

Marital and Family Commitment:  A Personalistic View Roman Rota Judge, Msgr Cormac Burke
It is through dedication, effort and sacrifice, especially when made for the sake of others, that people grow and mature most; that way each one comes out of himself or herself and rises above self. ... to persevere in this fidelity until death, and to have and rear children- contributes more than anything else to the true good of the spouses ...

Marriage Annulments and Married Personalism Roman Rota Judge, Msgr Cormac Burke
What I am quite sure of, and where my concern centers, is that there are too many valid marriages breaking down, due to poor preparation, to little reliance on prayer and the sacraments in times of stress, and to inadequate or negative pastoral advice, often based on the excessive invocation of an
ill-defined "good of the spouses," and on insufficient reflection on both the self-donation and the other-acceptance of marital commitment and consent.

Judging Invalidity the American Way Homiletic and Pastoral Review. Jan 2005
Article critiques the methods taught by Fr. Lawrence Wrenn, respected leader in the 501(c)(3) Canon Law Society of America. "... Rotal jurisprudence requires serious reasons for issuing declarations of nullity, whereas Fr. Wrenn is willing to include nearly everyone. Fr. Wrenn is willing to harden hearts. "

It Is So Your Business Catholic Exchange. 01/06/05

Ever notice how when folks are getting married they make it everybody's business? ... Interesting isn't it how these same people can decide to call it quits and slink off a few years later and get divorced and then whose business is it?

Breaking Vows, When Faithful Catholics Divorce Crisis Magazine, Tom Hoopes
When I was asked to investigate reports that young, on-fire, faithful Catholics were divorcing, I was surprised. But the more I looked into it, the more I realized that my surprise was part of the problem.

"What God Has Joined" CUF Catholics United for the Faith Leon J. Suprenant, Jr.

There are also accounts of those who have accepted martyrdom by literally throwing themselves on the Blessed Sacrament to prevent its desecration. An analogous defense of the marriage bond needs to be made. ... While annulments may be appropriate in certain situations, the mindset should be that the sacred bond is presumptively present, and one is well-advised to safeguard it with his very life.

Divorce ... Serial Polygamy, Corrodes the Foundation of Trust of Society Scott Hahn
... And I just shook my head at both of these guys, big, strapping guys their eyes just welled up with tears. They said, "When you're married ... You're joined together. You can love spiritually as well as physically when all of a sudden it all falls apart, it isn't just like you separate, it's like your body is ripped down the middle. It's like your limbs are taken off."

Till the Rota does you part 30 Days
SACRA ROTA. Analysis of the data on the causes of marriage annulment broken down by nation. Every year when the Pope receives the prelates of the Roman Rota in audience he has strong words to say in defense of the institution of marriage and seems to scold the tribunals of the Catholic Church for a certain laxity in recognizing nullity.

The New Rules of the Game Joe Sobran.
Blind Baseball is in the end a comment not only on marriage and divorce, but on the irrationality of modern law itself. Barry's bitter wit adds both wry amusement and sharp insight to a wrenching drama of the soul against the state.

Strengthening Marriage Through Divorce and Custody Reform (May, 2004) Stephen Baskerville
It is reasonable to presume that the best interests of the child will be better served by remaining with the parent who does not abandon commitments for frivolous reasons and wants to maintain the family. The spouse/parent who still wishes to leave may, of course, do so with his or her clothes and any other personal belongings.

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